Posted on Oct 25, 2019

Marci Wise, M.A. Christian Counselor

Individual Psychotherapy

Having beliefs and holding true to those beliefs can be a challenge in our competitive world. We will help you find strategies for staying connected to your highest self in order to live a life of integrity and empowerment. When your God-given light is honored and shielded, you are able to share your greatest positive impact with the world around you and walk with grace and gratitude. We combine proven psychological practices with the tenets of practical spirituality to help each client live within in a space of peace, dignity and integrity.

Practical Spirituality:

Supports a loving God
Facilitates a values-oriented life
Provides non-judgment and unconditional positive regard
Does not enforce any particular religious dogma
Offers strategies for honoring yourself and your divine life purpose

Clinical Psychology:

Is backed by evidence-based research
Is performed by credentials clinicians
Follows professionally mandated guidelines
Promotes goal-setting
Measures progress to improve therapeutic gains
Supports the Scientific Method
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