Posted on Feb 4, 2019

Marci Wise, M.A. Christian Counselor

When Does Love Become Codependency?

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from life, and counseling, it’s that there is no such thing as perfection. We all veer in and out of our optimal state of being in regards to all aspects of our lives at some time or another, whether it be diet, career motivation, attention to self-care etc.

One particularly tricky area is love, however. It can be so difficult to sense when our devotion to another person has begun to shift into an unhealthy, and consequently unfulfilling, dynamic.

In counseling we often use distress as a determining factor. Do you find yourself experiencing feelings of discomfort and resentment in your relationship? If so, then this may be a red flag that there is a need to set some healthy boundaries. Yet, this is not something that we’re generally taught how to do.

Recognizing our own tendency to give too much – and learning how to honor ourselves by responding differently, can shift our relationships in a pleasing and powerful way. Therapy can provide you with the self-awareness, tools and techniques you need to break free from unfulfilling relationship dynamics.

If you feel that your relationships may be negatively affected by codependency, give us a call today.

Marci Wise, M.A., RMHCI is a counselor seeing both individuals and couples in the Fort Myers/Naples Florida areas. For more information on her services, visit or call 941-202-3350.
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